Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP beserta Pembahasan

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 - SOAL BAHASA INGGRIS SMP

Halo Halo Halo sobat Dibawah ini ada soal-soal Bahasa Inggris SMP cocok SMP kelas 7 8 9. Di bawah postingan ini juga udah disediain kunci jawaban serta pembahasannya. Semoga bermanfaat ya. Tetap stay tune di ya :D Selamat mengerjakan

Perhatikan teks dibawah ini :
How to make New Folder
What you need :
– Computer sets
– Your documents
The instructions :
1. Click start, usually located on the left bottom of the monitor
2. Place the pointer on program
3. Place the pointer on window explorer and click
4. Find the document folder on the left side column of the window explorer
5. Move the pointer to my documents and double click on it
6. Move the pointer to file and click
7. Move the pointer to New
8. Move the pointer to folder and click
9. Type in the name of your new folder and press return or enter. You have made a new folder

1. What do we need if we want to create a new folder?
a. Money and flashdisk
b. The documents and flashdisk
c. Computer sets and documents
d. Computer sets and flashdisk

2. What is the third step if we want to create a new folder?
a. Place the pointer on window explorer
b. Move the pointer to new
c. Place the pointer on program
d. Move the pionter to my documents and double click on it

3. Find it on the left side column of the windows explorer. What does the underlined word refers to?
a. Folder
b. Document folder
c. Double click
d. Start menu

4. Where can we find computer set?
a. Goal
b. Steps
c. Materials
d. Methods

Biggest Band Show “ Andi Rianto Band”
Held : Saturday, December 30
Time : 07.00 p.m – 11.00 p.m
Place : Sarbini hall
We present the famous singers :
– Krisdayanti
– Ruth Sahanaya
– Titi DJ
Tickets : Rp. 150.000/adult
Rp. 100.000/child
For entrance tickets, please call :
Reza : (021) 3267455
Ira : 085959617331

5. What does the passage tell us about?
a. Entrance tickets
b. Tiket Price
c. Ticket sellers
d. A band show

6. When will the show be held?
a. In the morning
b. In the afternoon
c. On Sunday
d. In the evening

7. We present the famous singers.
the underlined word refers to…….
a. The readers
b. The writer
c. The organizer
d. Th singer

Player. I was really happy to have it because it had many functions especially I could listen to the music clearly. Besides, it could record our voice, so I recorded my voice when I practiced speaking english.Finally, I could save the data on it or transfor to a computer.
My MP3 player is easy to operate i just touch the button what I want to choose. Take for st example: if i want to listen to the music I choose the music menu, and then touch the play button. To select the songs only move the cursor to the left or to the right and the song will change fast.
I’m sure y ou are interested in it, because it has many other functions.

15. what kind of the text is it?
a. announcement
b.personal letter
c. letter
d. advetisement

16. the purpose of the letter is to……
a. retell events
b. persuade readers
c. show happiness
d. share am using stories

17. Who is the sender of the letter?
a. teacher
b. love
c. Vina
d. karina

20. This notice means that we……
a. should walk on the grass
b. must not cut the grass
c. are not allowed to step and sit on the grass
d. are allowed to step on the grass

24. Mr. Amin : Do you mind having dinner at my house this evening?
Mr. Joni : That sounds good
Mr. Amin : Are you sure?
Mr. Joni : …………………
a. I’m postive
b. I’m afraid i can’t
c. No, I can’t
d. Fine

25. Mira : Ton, are you sure that we are going to have english test tomorrow?
Toni : …….. Mrs. Ani has told it many time.
a. I hope so
b. I agree with that
c. I’m certain
d. I don’t thing so

26. Budi : Look An! The weather is cloudy, do you thing it will rain soon?
Ani : I don’t thing so. I am ……….. because the sun is still shining
a. Sure
b. Doubt
c. Certaintly
d. Doubtful

27. Dony : Do you know where did Ali go? I want to see him
Wati : He went to buy some food at Yogya store. …….. He will come soon because he just went out in a few minutes
a. I doubt
b. I’m Sure
c. I’m certain
d. I am doubt

28. Mother : Look at the ships!
Anisa : Wow! ……. They’re the biggest ships I’ve ever seen
a. What a big ship!
b. What big is the ship!
c. How a big ship is it!
d. What big ship they’re

29. Teacher : well,boys and girls, here’s the bus for you.
Aditya :………. it’s air-conditioned and has a reclining seats as well as TV.
a. How comfortable is it!
b. Which bus is comfortable!
c. W hat a comfortable bus!
d. What’s a real bus!

30. Iwan : I’ve got a good news! Our government has launched the rule about illegal loging
Dian : Oh, pretty good !……………….
a. I’m sorry to hear that
b. I beg your pardon?
c. Tell me more about it!
d. I’m absolutely sure about that

31. Nia : Your garden is very lovely. The scenery is beautiful and the environment is very clear. I really enjoy staying here
Sri : Thank you,……………
a. I’m doubtful
b. I’m glad you like it
c. What a suprise!
d. I am certain about that

32. Maya : wow! What a beautiful environment ! where is it?
Neni : it is London
Maya :……………………..
Neni : London ,I said
a. Are you sure?
b. Pardon me?
c. Tell me more about it
d. Anything else?



1. Key : C
Solution : karena dibagian what you need-apa yg dibutuhkan yaitu computer sets and documents
2. Key : A
Solution : karena dibagian instructions third step- instruksi ke 3 yaitu Place the pointer on window explorer
3. Key : B
Solution : karena dibagian on the left side coulumn of the windows explorer- dibagian kolom kiri explorer adalah document folder
4. Key : C
Solution : karena kita bisa menemukan sets computer-peralatan komputer di matherials
9. Key : D
Solution : karena dibaris pert ama tertera Biggest Band Show-pertunjukan band besar
10. Key : D
Solution : karena dibaris ke 3 tertera 07.00p.m-11.00p.m-07.00malam-11.00malam
11. Key : C
Solution : karena A,B,D tidak ada hubungannya dengan pertanyaan
15. Key : B
Solution : karena bahasanya tidak terlalu resmi
16. Key : C
Solution : karena dibaris pertama di mengatakan I was really happy
17. Key : D
Solution : karena dibaris akhir ada nama Karina
20. Key : C
Solution : karena di slogan tersebut menyuruh kita untuk tidak melangkah dan duduk diatas rumput itu
24. Key : D
Solution : karena Mr. Joni menyetujui ide Mr. Amin
25. Key : C
Solution : Toni sudah yakin karena Mrs. Ani selalu mengatakannya
26. key : B
Solution : Karena sinta mengatakan idon’t think so-aku tidak seperti itu
27. key: D
Solution: Karena kata kata sesudah jawaban D berhubungan dengan pertanyaan tersebut
28. key: A
Solution: karena jawan B,C,D tidak ada hubungannya dengan pertanyaan
29. key: A
Solution: Karena Aditya mengatakannya dengan emosi
30. key: D
Solution : karena dia setuju dengan peraturan baru yang dibuat oleh goverment
31. key : B
Solution: karena jawaban A,C,D tidak berhubungan dengan soal
32. key : A
Solution: karena maya kurang mendengar apa yang dikatakan oleh Neni

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