Puisi Patah Hati Bahasa Inggris

Sunday, September 30th, 2012 - PUISI BAHASA INGGRIS

Lagi lagi dan lagi. Kali ini belajarbahasainggrisyuk.com mau ngasih contoh puisi bahasa Inggris lagi nih. Lebih tepatnya bertemakan Puisi PATAH HATI. Kayaknya pas banget buat yang lagi putus cinta atau lagi sakit hati kepergok selingkuh nih :D Oke cekidot aja deh.


Leave, I won’t feel sad
No tear drop will leave my eye
Go where you are not going
Sweep your footprints outside
Is it really over? Finally
Take you roses in the vase
Close the door, the future is unwritten
I will not miss you.

Leave, I won’t feel sad
You’re taking my heart with you
No tear will leave my eye
But inside I’ll still cry
Go where you are not going
I know your heart is staying
Please sweep your footprints outside
I’ll remember you beautiful feet
Is it really over?

Finally my heart gets to break
Take your roses in the vase
I’ll be the only thing withering
Don’t close the door, the future is unwritten
We can change it now
I will not have to miss you
If you decide to stay
(As you want to; as I want you to)


Some tears will be born
In eyes that saw me with love
Cracks will form in hearts
Hearts that kept me
Disbelief before grief comes to join
This sad party; I’m parting
My soul in search of another place to stay
Rest me well, leave me there
You care but please don’t cry for me
I’ll never come where you want to me to be
I didn’t get to die old
Leaving too little of me to be told
I was a friend, made smiles in faces
Don’t let me be a memory time erases
Did I love to little; fear too much
A life less lived, more dreamt
I will cry too for this—leaving
I love you
Someday, somewhere
We’ll be together somehow
So Goodbye but just for now

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