Puisi Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris

Friday, September 28th, 2012 - PUISI BAHASA INGGRIS

Dear sobat belajarbahasainggrisyuk.com. Mungkin ada sebagian dari kalian sedang mencari cari contoh puisi cinta dalam bahasa Inggris. Nah kebetulan kali ini Admin mo ngasih satu contoh puisi cinta dalam bahasa Inggris yang tentunya romantis tis tis tis. Sengaja nggak di kasih artian bahasa Indonesianya karena eh karena kosakatanya ga sulit banget kok. Oke langsung aja cekidot :D

Dearest Nikita Willy

As funny as a stand-up comedian

You are also as compassionate and loveable as a teddy bear

Outgoing? Your energy brightens up any room you enter

Your words cheer me up

and make me want to listen more

Your language and ideas spark my interest

When you open your mouth to speak, my ears perk up

My eyes are drawn to your face

Our mutual attention focused on each other makes the room seem brighter and more glorious

Your intelligence really stands out

You’re smarter than Benjamin Franklin

Your kindness makes everyone in the world happy

Particularly me, and makes me want to see you again

I love going hiking with you

We see tall and skinny trees,

Small and furry animals,

We stumble on the misty trail over protruding wild plants that are sometimes adorned with frost or just dew, in either case making our clothes feel wet

Going with you makes me want to hike even more

Bicycling with you makes me want to pedal faster for the adrenaline rush

Cold chills run through and down my body as we race downhill

I feel the wind on my face

I feel the pump of my heart

Hyped-up and motivated and exhilarated

Yet strangely satisfied and calm at the same time


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