Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris Solution to Lovelessness

Friday, January 20th, 2012 - PUISI BAHASA INGGRIS

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Kategori : Puisi Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris

Tema : Cinta

Karya : Diana van den Berg

Solution to Lovelessness

If you think you don’t receive love,
remember first that there are many types of love,
and very few people
don’t receive love
and you are probably blindly
trampling on little bits
offered to you
with an open heart,
but that you think are insignificant
or not from the right person.
Be careful that the giver doesn’t
subsequently decide that
are insignificant
and be careful
of not being
and truly happy
with little bits of love,
for how can you be entrusted
with something so precious
as big love
if you spurn
the little bits?

If you truly don’t receive love (and even if you do) ,
don’t bemoan your fate
for you will just feel worse.
Instead, dispense love
to all around you
and you will
love yourself
for it
(so that’s one person who loves you now!)
and the warm fuzzy feeling
you spread,
will stretch
its arms
around to include

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