Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris Death Of A Lover

Thursday, January 4th, 2007 - PUISI BAHASA INGGRIS

Puisi Bahasa Inggris

Kategori : Puisi Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris

Tema : Patah Hati

Karya : Robert Green


Hang The Lover (Death Of A Lover)

The rope is loose
Swinging from the gallow
Rounded in a noose
Hard lump I swallow

I have done wrong
Step forward, take a bow
I stole her song
Rope around my neck, allow

Forward I stare
Rope tightens
The blame I bear
Heartbeat heightens

Last words spoken
‘I love her you see’
Now only a token
Deaf ears, hear my plea

Upon the stool
Fingers pointing
Stands the old fool
Crowd shouting

Stool kicked away
People blur, out of sight
End of rope I sway
Blackness comes, my last goodnight

Girls lament
The women wail
For the boys there sent
For all men that fail

In the ground
No more worries
A sleep I have found
no need to hurry

Even under the ground
Love! not sinning
Peace not found
Soul still spinning

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