Bentuk Kata Pasif

Thursday, June 14th, 2012 - grammar, PASSIVE VOICE

Kalimat pasif dalam bahasa Inggris terdiri dari dua elemen yaitu : bentuk kata kerja ‘to be’ + the past participle

Subject verb ‘to be’ past participle
The house was built …

Contoh : to clean

Subject verb ‘to be’ past participle
Simple present:
The house is cleaned every day.
Present continuous:
The house is being cleaned at the moment.
Simple past:
The house was cleaned yesterday.
Past continuous:
The house was being cleaned last week.
Present perfect:
The house has been cleaned since you left.
Past perfect:
The house had been cleaned before their arrival.
The house will be cleaned next week.
Future continuous:
The house will be being cleaned tomorrow.
Present conditional:
The house would be cleaned if they had visitors.
Past conditional:
The house would have been cleaned if it had been dirty.
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